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Review of Is This Shoulder Taken? by D.M. Drake

Is This Shoulder Taken? (The Carrington Series Book 1) by

D.M. Drake (Goodreads Author)

Jul 01, 2019 (Review from the author) # clean-romance

*I was beyond thrilled to find out that I could review my own book!!

I truly hope that you enjoy the journey of Kendall Prescott to finding her heart! It was shattered when her fiancé broke their engagement two weeks before their wedding! She was blindsided... Numbness engulfed her, as she sat dumbfounded in the restaurant. All she saw was his retreating form, with no explanation.

She plans an art exhibition at her art gallery, one year later. She is introduced to the swoon-worthy bachelor, Greyson Carrington. He turns her world upside down. She has never met another man like him. He happens to come from a multi-billionaire oil family in Dallas, Texas.

Kendall comes from very humble beginnings, but Greyson never makes her feel lesser than him. He makes her feel like she is extraordinary. It’s hard for her to entrust her heart ever again. But there is just something unique about the unbelievably handsome Greyson.

His high school sweetheart unexpectedly enters the picture and has her eyes set on Greyson. Will Kendall and Greyson ever find their way to each other? Please read and follow their journey.

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